We are the Community, The Community is Firehouse Pizza Wood Fire'd.
 Growing up in a small town, we would always ride our bike's through town driving by the local soda shop and by the local fire station before finding the local park. We would see that bright red fire engine driving out to a call. We would always wonder what kind of call these brave men and women were venturing off to and even role playing this same call at the local park. Firehouse Pizza Wood Fire'd embarks into some of those same memories taking you into the ambience of a traditional fire station. You will never have bad service at one of our locations. We depend on it! As you open the door you will smell the aroma of a wood fired grill looking at our 1000 degree fast fire'd rotating ovens as it fires the pizzas to prefection. Pick your toppings and sauces and even gluten free too. As soon as you can pay and pick your beverage your pizza will be done, with the fastest cooking times in the west. The crust will be crispy and the cheese will be hot with every bite. Don't forget to try one of our specialties and be extinquished with praise from our staff. We aren't as quick as our local fireman but strive to be as excellent. 

  1. "
    Crispy Crust with Fresh Ingredients. My kids love the Ambience.
    George King
  2. "
    New York Style Pizza with a Hometown Feel.
    Steve Parks
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    We cant believe this good of pizza comes from a local pizza shop. The Pizza oven is so cool!
    Steph Atkins
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    Fast Fire'd Pizza chains are the wave of the future. They have fresher ingredients then all the mainstream pizza joints combined. They are fast and the oven is so cool.
    Jeff Allen
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    We wanted Pizza but didn't want the soft and greasy pizza with cardboard flavor. We will eat at Firehouse Pizza again!
    Tia Davis
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    My kids love pizza, My kids Love Firehouse Pizza Wood Fire'd.
    Maria Collins
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    It was amazing we came in and I was so indecisive. The manager Brian came over and told me about a specialty pizza with local meats and cheese. I decided to try this pizza. The alarms and lights flashed and I was extinguished with praise from the whole staff!! WOW! what an experience.
    Kelly Peters
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    Not your normal pizza joint!
    Ed Williams